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Marie Chevrier Schwartz

Marie Chevrier Schwartz

Founder and CEO, Sampler

About Marie Chevrier Schwartz

Marie Chevrier Schwartz is the Founder and CEO of Sampler, the leading technology platform for product sampling. Marie started her career in advertising at J. Walter Thompson. From there, she had the opportunity to work at a venture capital firm in New York City. After a few years there, Marie came back to Toronto to merge her passion for marketing and technology. Marie started Sampler with a vision to transform the way consumer packaged good companies distribute product samples.

Get to know Marie Chevrier Schwartz

What are your hopes for the next generation of women in tech?
My hope is to continue to see more women trust their gut and take the leap into entrepreneurship. When Sampler was getting started I was often the only woman presenting at startup competitions or attending tech networking events. 8 years later, that's changed but there's still work to be done!

What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received?
If not you, then who?