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Meghan Anderson

Meghan Anderson

Cofounder, #GoSponsorHer

About Meghan Anderson

Women are drastically underrepresented in management roles across North America. According to a report by Move the Dial, women comprise almost half of Canada’s tech workforce, yet hold less than one-third of all senior management positions, and fewer than five percent of Canadian tech companies.

Megan Anderson, a business development director at injecting much-needed diversity into the industry through her latest venture called #GoSponsorHer. The initiative focuses on accelerating the sponsorship of women in business because beyond just mentoring women in the workplace to create lasting change. Since launching, the former McKinsey consultant has partnered with leading firms like Dentons Canada and Morgan Stanley (among others) to increase sponsor opportunities for women to help them grow their company.

“I would love for more women to make the leap into careers in tech, even if they don’t have STEM backgrounds. My background is in management consulting, but I’m an analytical person with intense curiosity so I took the leap into tech.”

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