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Melissa Sariffodeen

Melissa Sariffodeen

Cofounder and CEO, Canada Learning Code

About Melissa Sariffodeen

Melissa Sariffodeen is a multi-tasking entrepreneur who loves to build things, certified yoga teacher and developer. However, she’s probably best known as the cofounder of Canada Learning Code (previously known as Ladies Learning Code) — a community-focused organization that promotes digital literacy across the country. The organization, which started off by teaching women to code, has expanded its mission to focus on teaching other underrepresented groups such as indigenous communities, newcomers across the country. To date, the cofounded group has taught over 80,000 Canadians code through their in-person programs, which are offered in over 30 cities across the country.

“There’s this tendency to not ask for help. I always thought asking help was the sign of weakness or that you couldn’t do it and was revealing something about your inabilities, but in this space where things change so quick asking for help from others is so important and your biggest support.

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