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Michael Low

Michael Low

Sales, Procurement, Operations for SMBs

About Michael Low

Areas of Specialization:

• Sales Planning & Strategy
• Sales (Process, Operations, Competition)
• Procurement (Public sector sales strategy)
• Operations (SMB systems to manage and measure progress)

Michael Low is a founder, business development entrepreneur and management consultant. He brings a blend of strategic general management skills and experience with a focus on business development and sales, sales process, procurement strategy and operations.  He is interested in helping DMZ founders identify their ideal customer profile and develop a repeatable sales process and playbooks to reach their key personas and develop procurement strategies and operational processes to grow with confidence.

Michael has been a lifelong entrepreneur having been involved with several young and growing organizations throughout his career. He has over 25 years’ experience in IT Professional services and founded a company that generated over $25m in revenue providing IT services to private and public sector organizations. Before that, he helped scale an IT Services company from $90 to over $300m in revenue.

Michael has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wilfrid Laurier University and over 25 years of sales and SMB business growth experience.  He is experienced wearing the multiple ‘hats’ that a founder must wear to grow a business and is passionate about helping other founders get organized for growth.