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Michelle Holland

Michelle Holland

Chief Advocate for the Innovation Economy, City of Toronto

About Michelle Holland

Critics who have long complained that technology and government don’t mix have never met Michelle Holland. The city councillor is one of Toronto’s best-known tech advocates and through her office creates better services for Torontonians in her position as the city’s chief advocate for the innovation economy.

In this role, she leads the city’s efforts to encourage growth in the sector, promote and protect innovation and technology jobs, and encourage greater gender diversity. Her most recent efforts include organizing Digital Literacy Day, slated for May 31, 2018, that will bring together a wide range of public and private sector partners within Toronto’s innovation economy and women leaders to share and discuss how to increase gender diversity in Toronto’s tech sector.

“Establishing professional relationships and encouraging young women to seek STEM careers is important. It’s also important to reaffirm the understanding that women in STEM bring significant value to future employers and to the STEM ecosystem in general.”

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