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Mohi Sanisel

Mohi Sanisel

Staff Member
Programs Manager

About Mohi Sanisel

Mohi is the go-to person for the teams. He ensures they are supported with everything they need.

Fascinated by technology, Mohi spent his childhood and entire youth exploring the world of computers and networks. The journey from a “Hello World!” developer to maintaining eCommerce platforms with millions of users shaped his career path as a programmer.

However, at the age of 25 and almost three years after launching a crowdfunding platform for creatives, entrepreneurs, and social activists, he found his ikigai: Building a global tech-enabled company to directly improve people’s lives through providing equitable access to resources. To follow his mission on a broader stage, he moved to Canada just before the pandemic and studied business and entrepreneurship.

“To me, DMZ is where I can be among the people who have a common mission with me, and I can support them as the twelfth player of their teams.”

Get to know Mohi Sanisel

What's the first thing you'd buy if you won a million dollars?
Pitch event investor pass

Alternative career choice?
Full-time gardener, part-time rally driver

Who or what inspires you?
Every sentence that starts with "You can't..."

Happiness is _______
Living among happy people.

What is your biggest fear?
Getting old and not reaching goals

Advice for a new entrepreneur?
Don't listen to advice! Try it yourself.