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Mostafa Abdelmeguid

Mostafa Abdelmeguid

Staff Member
Special Projects Manager

About Mostafa Abdelmeguid

As the Special Programs Manager, Mostafa manages and oversees special programs related to the priorities of the DMZ, from the development to the implementation stage.

Mostafa likes to label himself as a jack of all trades / loopholes finder. Mostafa’s career spans several industries. He started off as a humanitarian worker for UN WFP and ICRC and moved to the cement industry. He then worked in heritage real estate before settling in the entrepreneurship and innovation sector.

In his last role as Partners Success Manager for Plug and Play Egypt, Mostafa orchestrated a 5 countries wide Sustainability and GreenTech hackathon for PepsiCo Middle East covering Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emirates. He was also supporting accelerated startups in Business Development.

Mostafa received the Chevening award to do his masters in Creative Cultural Entrepreneurship at Goldsmith’s College, University of London in 2017-2018 and he is passionate about improving organizations and facilitating a sense of community.

Get to know Mostafa Abdelmeguid

Favourite movie/TV show?
Gladiator, Dark Knight trilogy

How do you relax?
Washing the dishes, playing with my daughter, and snacking

Describe your desk space

What’s one thing people know you best for?
I love to connect people

Favourite restaurant?
Dishoom in London, UK