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Mthabisi Mhlanga

Mthabisi Mhlanga

Public Speaking

About Mthabisi Mhlanga

Areas of Expertise

  • Pitch and Storytelling
  • Public Speaking

Mthabisi was born and raised in Zimbabwe and has always been passionate about public speaking. With every speech and presentation he delivers, Mthabisi aims to leave audiences feeling inspired and motivated. Through Toastmasters, he has competed at various levels of the annual International Speech Competition making it to the quarterfinals of the World Championship of Public Speaking in 2022. Mthabisi took first place among the top motivational speakers in Toronto and continues to deliver inspiring and engaging keynote speeches. He teaches interactive public speaking workshops to individuals, groups, and corporate clients to help them gain more confidence by improving their public speaking skills. From primary school students to executives, Mthabisi helps individuals become more confident communicators in both their personal, academic, and professional lives.