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Nicholas Hill

Nicholas Hill

Staff Member
Head, Startup Legal Support & Legal Advisor

About Nicholas Hill

As the DMZ Startup Legal Support (“SLS”) Lead Nicholas works with Strategic Initiatives to develop processes and procedures, manage partnering law firm relationships, manage a team of law students, and provide the DMZ startups with accessible and comprehensive legal support.

While pursuing his undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary, Nicholas not only cultivated a passion for understanding how policy and industry function, but also formed a special connection with innovation specifically. In addition to his studies, Nicholas founded a small software firm, designed to modernize the way students interacted with their campus. While navigating all the necessary ups and downs of founding a startup as a full-time student, Nicholas found himself looking at the technology industry through a burgeoning lens of innovative legal solutions. Provided with the unique insight into the complicated landscape of starting and running a technology firm, coupled with a policy and legal based education, Nicholas was resolved to begin his mission to do all that he could to ease the legal processes and complexities faced by technological innovators in their attempt to drive the Canadian economy forward. After his first year of law school at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law, Nicholas realized that this is a mission he shared with DMZ.

Now, thanks to the innovative support from DMZ, Nicholas is fortunate enough to be able to carry out his mission of supporting entrepreneurs through innovative legal solutions.

Get to know Nicholas Hill

Favourite quote?
"[Some] see things as they are, and ask “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and ask “Why not?” - George Bernard Shaw

Have you ever gotten starstruck?
Danny Trejo (the uncle from Spy Kids) has asked me for directions on two separate occasions. I was no help to him either time, and the first time I met him all I could muster was "Wait, are you famous?"

Piece of technology you can’t live without?
Does Google count? Because Google is my answer.

First record you bought?
Smash Mouth's album unimaginatively called Smash Mouth.

Pick one song to be your non-stop background music?
9 to 5 by Dolly Parton.