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Olivia Lunderville

Olivia Lunderville

Staff Member
Sr. Program Lead

About Olivia Lunderville

As a Sr. Program Lead, Olivia is responsible for the development, implementation, management and evaluation of entrepreneurship programs tailored to propel tech startup founders towards success. Prior to joining the DMZ, Olivia dedicated 4 years at NEXT Canada, contributing to the success of the Next 36 and Next Founders Programs. Most recently, she spent 2 years in corporate venture capital at Compass Digital Ventures, where she honed her strategic insights into the startup landscape by managing a startup pilot portfolio. Passionate about fostering innovation ecosystems, Olivia is committed to equipping founders with essential tools to reach their goals.

Get to know Olivia Lunderville

Favourite sport?

Favourite Animal?
Dogs. They bring so much happiness to the world!

Favourite childhood book?
The Giving Tree

Alternative career choice?
Architect / Interior Design

Favourite vacation spot?
Italy. Nothing beats the food