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Prad Sekar

Prad Sekar

Pitch and Storytelling

About Prad Sekar

Areas of Expertise

  • Pitch and Storytelling
  • Business Strategy

Embarking on a dynamic journey as a serial entrepreneur, my 20-year expedition is marked by triumphs, tribulations, and a collection of hard-earned battle scars. In the diverse startup landscape, I’ve founded ventures spanning services, technology, and even delved into retail and software. Despite a formal business education, nothing could have prepared me for the profound life lessons acquired in the school of hard knocks. Publicly donning the CEO hat, I’ve navigated the pitfalls of growth, steering a company from fewer than 5 employees and under $500K in revenue to a formidable force with over 400 employees and $100mm in revenue. This transformation challenged my capabilities and highlighted the need for skills I hadn’t anticipated. While fortunate to have had advisors and mentors, I’ve also faced instances where personal motives overshadowed genuine guidance, leading my company through tough times.
My journey mirrors yours, beginning with early-morning epiphanies, rallying troops around a kitchen table, and bringing multiple ideas to life. It involves early-stage commercialization, proving business models, and leading numerous capital raises, even navigating two public listings. Despite the accolades, what resonates most are the moments that instilled humility and stressed the importance of staying grounded. While I haven’t seen it all, I’ve certainly seen a lot, fostering compassion for those currently grappling with similar situations or aiming to avoid them altogether. What sets me apart is an authentic passion for helping others succeed. Beyond celebrating your victories, I prioritize learning from mistakes and addressing blind spots. If you seek guidance beyond textbook advice, let’s collaborate to shape your success. Whether you’re a startup, in the early revenue stage, or poised for growth, I’m eager to connect, learn from your journey, and offer the personalized support you need to navigate the unpredictable terrain of entrepreneurship.