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Raheel Khursheed

Raheel Khursheed

Co-founder, Laminar Global

About Raheel Khursheed

Areas of Specialization: Journalism, Fundraising, Growth, New Market Launches

Raheel Khursheed has over 15 years of experience helping global tech firms grow exponentially. He has helped launch some of the world’s most famous tech firms in some of the world’s most challenging markets and is the co-founder of Laminar, a 21st-century streaming video infrastructure platform.

Prior to Laminar, Raheel successfully co-founded, an AI and anthropology startup specializing in supercharged insights at scale and led Snapchat in India as their expert to integrate the app into the Indian landscape. Raheel is a globally recognized technology impact leader and was named a 2017 Knight Visiting Nieman Fellow at Harvard, a member of the 2017 class of Asia 21 — Asia-Pacific’s foremost network of young leaders — and a 2018 Draper-Hills Summer Fellow at the Center for Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law at Stanford University. He is passionate about the intersection of technology and social change and frequently speaks on these issues across conferences and media outlets globally.