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Rob Colquhoun

Rob Colquhoun

Staff Member
Programs Lead

About Rob Colquhoun

As Programs Lead, Rob designs, implements, and evaluates DMZ programming to optimize startup success, directly supporting founders through their journeys with the goal of helping them scale.

Rob’s passion for education and innovation has been evident throughout his career. He previously taught business at Western University and was able to instruct hundreds of aspiring students and future leaders. As a lecturer he became a published author and responded to plenty of questions (the answer to most of which were, of course, in the syllabus). Rob also has experience in the startup ecosystem, having previously worked with a small team to organize and execute corporate hackathons, conferences, and design thinking workshops. Over the past few years, Rob has dedicated himself to supporting both domestic and international startups, helping to unlock their potential and set themselves up for success.

Away from work, he often spends his time reading or checking out a new game—recommendations are always welcome!

Get to know Rob Colquhoun

If you could be on any reality show, what would it be?

Favourite cereal?
Multigrain Cheerios

Best concert you’ve been to?
Black Country, New Road in Toronto

Best advice you’ve been given?
“Dig in!” - My dad

Favourite movie?
Tim Burton’s Big Fish