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Roya Kachooei

Roya Kachooei

Co-Founder and CEO, Walletifai

About Roya Kachooei

Roya is the Co-founder and CEO at Walletifai, a smart personal finance coach for Canadians and Americans. In 2014, she moved to Canada to pursue her dream of changing the world for the better, where she worked on a few passion projects in fintech and travel while working as a site reliability engineer and later on, a software engineer for leading Canadian companies.

Roya engages her passion, her vision, and experience to build the future of personal finance with Walletifai. For them to find a power combo of mentorship, courage, and persistence to dream big.

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What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received?
It's easy to keep yourself busy, it's hard to make money.