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Shahrzad Rafati

Shahrzad Rafati

Founder & CEO, BroadbandTV

About Shahrzad Rafati

Recognized as one of the 100 most creative people in business. In 2018, Rafati was appointed to be Canada’s representative on the Business Women Leaders task force by Prime Minister Trudeau. Shahrzad has built a quadruple bottom line business that measures success not only on financial performance but also on employee, culture, social, community and environmental KPIs. BBTV has a 0% pay gap between male and female employees, 43% of its employees are females and 46% of its managers are female managers.

Broadband TV is a media tech company that is advancing the world through the management, distribution and monetization of content. BBTV is the second largest video property worldwide in terms of unique viewers following only Google, reaching tens of billions of monthly impressions.