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Shawn Compton

Shawn Compton


About Shawn Compton

Areas of Specialization: Team Building, Product Development, Product Road Mapping, Tech Leadership, Tech Development

An expert in startup-to-scale-up technologies, with over a decade of experience in various technical roles across healthtech, adtech, and fintech.

Shawn loves to solve complex problems and grow the next generation of leaders. With a highly analytical growth mindset, developed over his time as a scientist and sharpened over his decade of experience, his approach is always data-driven and empathetic.

From his former role as a Director at Wealthsimple (a leading Canadian fintech), Shawn has gained expertise in organizational design, operations automation, regulatory automation, security, recruitment, international expansion, business acquisitions and much more. He is happy to work through any problem; the gnarlier, the better!

His passion is helping others grow in the Canadian tech scene by mentoring everyone from CTOs to students. That, and of course travelling the world with his family (he wrote this bio in the jungle in Paraguay).