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Shawna Stewart

Shawna Stewart

HR, Operations

About Shawna Stewart

Areas of Expertise

  • HR Technology Solutions
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Strategic Recruitment
  • Culture Development
  • Performance Management
  • HR Compliance & Legal
  • Compensation & Benefits

Shawna Stewart is a distinguished People & Operations leader, celebrated for cultivating people-first cultures and innovative HR practices. Her initiatives, including Recognition BINGO and Innovation Fridays, have significantly enhanced employee engagement and development. Recognized as a Top HR Pro in 2023 by Foundersbeta, Shawna’s impact extends across the tech startup landscape. In her current role at Railz, she has been instrumental in earning the company a spot on Forbes’ Best Startup Employers list for 2024. Shawna’s strategic role in PostBeyond’s acquisition and her accolades from prestigious organizations like Great Place to Work Canada and The HR Awards, further attest to her leadership in driving organizational success and excellence in HR.