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Shelby Walsh

Shelby Walsh

President, Trend Hunter

About Shelby Walsh

Shelby Walsh is the president of Trend Hunter and a leader in Toronto’s tech ecosystem courtesy of her work helping big companies (think Samsung, Pepsi and Nestle) stay relevant. Since starting at the company as an intern, the entrepreneur and Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada has grown the company into a powerhouse and is now its current president. Aside from overseeing a millennial-heavy staff of tech enthusiasts in their downtown office she’s also the founder of Future Festival, a series of events that take place in 15 cities every year.

“I have learned that it’s so important to set lofty goals for yourself. If you’re aiming for something incredibly ambitious rather than comfortable, you’ll approach the challenges in front of you differently, and come up with more innovative solutions. I could have never imagined that when I joined a four-person blog in 2009 that we’d later employ over 50 people and provide custom research to some of the most powerful organizations such as Adidas and Starbucks and even helping NASA prototype their journey to Mars with our research.”

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