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Sherif El Tawil

Sherif El Tawil

Staff Member
Senior Director, Programs & Partnerships

About Sherif El Tawil

Sherif is the Senior Director of Programs & Partnerships at the DMZ, a leading tech incubator that provides high-potential founders with the resources and connections needed to build world-class companies. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the DMZ has a significant global presence with on-the-ground operations in 10+ countries around the world. 

As Senior Director, Sherif is responsible for developing and implementing the DMZ’s overall programs and partnerships strategy, both locally and globally. During his 11 years with the organization, Sherif has played an integral role in laying the foundation for the incubator’s operating and business development functions. Passionate about pushing the envelope for innovation, Sherif built a scalable process to expand the DMZ’s programming services to new global markets, helping partners champion growth within their local startup ecosystems. The DMZ is now a recognized player across the global tech landscape with operations in North America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia, and a network of 1000+ startups worldwide to date.

Beyond his efforts to drive global collaboration through technology, Sherif is a strong proponent of diversity and inclusion in the initiatives he leads, supporting underrepresented founders in the women and BIPOC communities. His most recent work includes working with non-governmental organization Injaz to support women-led startups in Jordan. During his time at Toronto Metropolitan University, he notably served on the Senate board with distinction and has served on selection pivotal committees.

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