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Shilpa Mandhan

Shilpa Mandhan

Customer Success, GTM Strategy

About Shilpa Mandhan

Areas of Expertise:

  • Customer Experience (Success & Support)
  • Growth & Strategy Development

Shilpa, a seasoned 4x tech startup leader, excels in guiding the entire customer lifecycle, from sales and marketing to product launches and customer success and support. Her expertise ranges from nurturing seed-stage companies to steering mature products through successful acquisitions. Collaborating effectively with sales, marketing, and product teams, she ensures consistent delivery of exceptional customer experiences that build emotional connections between brands and customers. Shilpa also partners with VC funds and incubators to mentor startups on customer and growth strategies, aiming to actualize their customer experience visions. Some ways that Shilpa can support your startup: 1. Develop your ideal customer profile (ICP) and associated personas, pain points, and messaging 2. Brainstorm marketing and sales motions to drive traffic, capture leads, and turn them into customers 3. Segment your customer base and develop what the acquisition-to-expansion experience for each segment should look like 4. Create customer onboarding, adoption, retention, and expansion playbooks 5. Support hiring and training of customer experience teams.