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Stephen Wu

Stephen Wu

Staff Member
Sr. Programs Lead

About Stephen Wu

As a Sr. Programs Lead, Stephen works directly with startups across DMZ to support them on their journey. He also works on planning and executing a wide range of programming aimed at helping founders reach their goals.

Ever since his university days, Stephen has had a strong passion for the startup space. Whether that be hosting events for fellow students interested in entrepreneurship or joining a seed-stage startup right after completing his Bachelors of Commerce at Queen’s University.

Having been an avid gamer his whole life, Stephen then moved on to work with different gaming and e-sports startups in the Toronto ecosystem. This eventually led him to join The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation where he helped launch and manage Quest to Conquer Cancer, a brand new charity program working with the gaming community to raise funds for cancer research.

Other than playing games on his PC, you can find Stephen doing too much research for fantasy basketball, or scrolling through Reddit at the nearest bubble tea shop.

Get to know Stephen Wu

Favourite vacation spot?
For somewhere relatively close, San Diego. But for an extended vacation Bali for sure.

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee for sure, unless we're talking about bubble tea...

Who would play you in a movie about your life?
Jimmy O. Yang.

Last great movie you saw?
Spider-Man: No Way Home was mind blowing.

If you could be on any reality show, what would it be?