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Tamar Huggins

Tamar Huggins

Founder, Tech Spark Canada

About Tamar Huggins

Tamar Huggins Grant is a multi-award-winning tech entrepreneur, author, and education trailblazer. Tamar’s work has impacted over 1,200 students in the Durham region. Despite being told a black woman would never be successful in tech, Tamar raised 7-figure investments for Tech Spark, educated over 1500 youth in under two years, and is on track to educate 70,000 youth and 2000 teachers by 2023. In 2017, Tamar was honoured as Canada’s top 150 black women creating impact across the nation by CBC and HerStory In Black.

Tech Spark is Canada’s first tech and design school committed to empowering children of colour, girls, women and teachers through innovative education. We specialize in creating, revising and teaching inquiry-based, student-centered K-12 curriculum through the lens of tech, entrepreneurship, and equity.