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Tariq Fancy

Tariq Fancy

Founder and CEO of The Rumie Initiative

About Tariq Fancy

EPISODE 13: Tariq Fancy, Founder & CEO at Rumie on scaling your business globally

“You have to really believe in your business idea at a fanatic level, because no matter what happens it’s going to be difficult down the line”. In this episode, Tariq Fancy, Founder and CEO of The Rumie Initiative, discusses how he pivoted his career away from the corporate world to create Rumie, a non-profit that provides free learning tools that are being used in over 140 countries. Tariq sheds light on the barriers that Rumie faced in the educational sector and how his team overcame them. Also in discussion, Tariq reveals tips for scaling your business and establishing strong global partners.

If you’re looking to take your business globally, this episode is for you!