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Temilola Adebayo

Temilola Adebayo

Co-Founder and COO of HumanSquad Inc.

About Temilola Adebayo

Temilola Adebayo is the Co-Founder and COO of HumanSquad Inc., an immigration tech company that is making immigration services reliable, affordable and seamless for prospective immigrants.

In 2021, HumanSquad pitched and won the top prize at Ryerson DMZ’s inaugural Black Innovation Summit pitch competition. Beyond her deep-seated interest in tech, Temilola also has over 12 collective years of experience in media and branding. She’s a 2021 Producer’s Lab Resident at the Canadian Film Centre – Canada’s leading incubator for visual creatives. Temilola is also a 2022 SoGal Foundation Black Founder startup grant winner. With a mix of tech-enthusiasm, creativity and love for all things Black and African, Temilola is always ready to jump on a challenge.

Get to know Temilola Adebayo

What are your hopes for the next generation of women in tech?
My hope is that this next generation of women in tech will be exposed to more representation in the form of mentors and role models that look like them as this will give them the confidence to enter the tech industry.

What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Always 'know your why' as that will continuously lead you to your purpose. It will help to steer you, your business and everyone working with you in the right direction as well as make the long days and challenges worthwhile.