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Wendy Tran

Wendy Tran

Staff Member
Full-Stack Developer

About Wendy Tran

Wendy is responsible for the design and development of business-critical databases, web and mobile applications that provide information and statistics reporting relevant to the monitoring of DMZ’s key performance indicators.

Prior to joining DMZ, Wendy worked at a company where she was responsible for the management and development of web applications. She worked with clients to understand their needs and implemented customized solutions for them.

Wendy holds an Honours Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Psychology from the University of Toronto.

Get to know Wendy Tran

Favourite vacation spot?
Santorini, Greece

Favourite movie/ TV show?
Lord of the Rings

Best concert you've ever been to?
The Piano Guys

A digital invention you can't wait to see come true?
A Holodeck - an immersive technology that can simulate realistic interactive environments

How do you relax?
Gardening or creating instagrammable dishes