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Zizi Zarei

Zizi Zarei

Staff Member
Venture Recruitment Manager

About Zizi Zarei

Zizi leads DMZ’s venture recruitment efforts, focusing on creating and implementing plans to welcome high-potential founders into our vibrant DMZ community.

Zizi is a trilingual MBA grad with over a decade of startup experience working with international organizations. A true global citizen, Zizi has lived on three continents and worked in different industries like IoT, Finance, Telecom, and Gaming. Not one to sit still, she co-founded a game accelerator, started two businesses and consulted many startups. Just before the pandemic in 2020, Zizi made the move to Canada to pursue a new adventure.

Get to know Zizi Zarei

What's a fun fact about you?
I've watched Friends countless times since 2010.

Coffee or tea?

What's your favourite quote?
Failure will never overtake one if the determination to succeed is strong enough.

What is one item you never leave your house without?
My shoes :)

What's the best part about working at the DMZ?
Being surrounded by bright founders and staff.