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DMZ Collision Day partners with Index Exchange’s IX Labs to source innovative AI solutions

TORONTO – August 22, 2019 – DMZ today announced an exclusive opportunity for ten selected market-ready artificial intelligence (AI) startups to explore strategic partnerships with Index Exchange’s IX Labs.

IX Labs, a newly launched division of Index Exchange, the world’s largest independent ad exchange, is looking to explore opportunities to diversify Index’s core offering through partnering with startups to drive innovation in the industry.

Taking place on October 16 and 17, the Index Exchange Collision Day will provide startups:

  • 1:1 meetings with Index Exchange executives to present your innovative AI solution
  • Deepened industry connections as well as the potential to secure partnerships and mutually beneficial opportunities
  • The chance to meet, connect and network with Index Exchange’s executives in a closed setting for mutually beneficial opportunities

“Our newly launched partnership with DMZ gives us the opportunity to innovate and push the boundaries on the industry status quo,” said Mayuran Yogarajah, Distinguished Engineer at Index Exchange and Head of IX Labs. “We’re looking forward to addressing new and existing problems within technology, and partnering with these Canadian-based companies to drive real change.”

“Index Exchange and the DMZ share the belief that collaboration between global companies and up-and-coming startups accelerates the rate of innovation,” said Abdullah Snobar, executive director, DMZ. “Our partnership with Index Exchange for Collision Day represents an opportunity to discover new markets that have considerable economic potential for all stakeholders.”

To learn more about the Index Exchange Collision Day head over to and confirm your attendance by September 20, 2019.


About DMZ: The DMZ is a leading tech accelerator headquartered in Toronto, Ontario that helps high-potential startups grow and scale to world-class businesses. Also supporting ideation and validation stage startups, the DMZ’s incubator program has been ranked number one in the world by UBI Global. Since 2010, the DMZ has helped 422 startups raise over $625.6 million and foster more than 3,850 jobs.

About Index Exchange: Index Exchange is a global advertising marketplace where premium digital media companies transact ad impressions with accountability and in real-time. Built on the pillars of neutrality, openness, and the most reliable technology, Index Exchange is the ad exchange that media companies and marketers trust. An engineering-first company, Index Exchange prioritizes investing in hardware as well as bigger and better data centers to safely and independently store and process transactions.

About IX Labs: IX Labs is a division of Index Exchange driving the creation of emerging technologies and innovative business lines. Launched in 2019, IX Labs explores opportunities to diversify Index’s core offering through the expertise and talents of Index’s Engineering capabilities. By partnering with Toronto’s top incubators and innovation hubs, IX Labs will continue to champion new talent, ideas and resources by solving real problems in the industry, while scaling and ultimately driving further innovation.

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