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FleetOps is a transportation leader utilizing artificial intelligence to help trucking companies track, ship and manage products easier.

10+ markets
$500K+ raised


FleetOps is an on-demand freight marketplace that matches freight from brokers to carriers with available capacity. It uses AI and ELD data to increase efficiency in trucking.

Toronto-based FleetOps may not be a household name right now, but its innovative technology is revolutionizing how trucking companies track, source and ship important products across the country.  

The company’s recent growth, which includes raising more than $500K, couldn’t come at a better time. Investors and industry leaders are looking for startups like FleetOps that promise to reinvent the massive global trucking ecosystem that remains the backbone of the world economy.

Through FleetOps’ proprietary platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and sensor data the leader in transportation logistics can match shipments anywhere in the country with truck drivers who can deliver them on demand, which saves companies money and helps the best companies better manage inventory.

Since joining the DMZ, FleetOps have grown their team 3X and now boast of a client base that include companies in Canada’s biggest marketplaces: Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

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