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Real-estate investments made easy.

About Fundscraper

Investing in real estate and the wealth it creates has long been accessible only to the wealthy few. Fundscraper is a technology enabled real estate investing platform that empowers everyday people to invest and lend to residential and commercial real estate projects alongside the Fundscraper community of investors. Their proprietary technology and experienced management team provide their users with the ability to access pre-vetted deals historically only available to institutional investors.

DMZ Journey Timeline

dmz journey timeline

Why DMZ?

Luan Ha, CEO and Founder of Fundscrapper, explains how the DMZ contributed to his company’s success.

Personalized programming

The resources, programs and one-on-one sessions at the DMZ are curated and tailored to one’s needs. For instance, you soon learn that sales is an engineered process. Although I have an MBA and was a senior member for 10 years at a large real estate investment trust, the DMZ experience materially enhanced my business and leadership skills.


The EiRs (Entrepreneurs in Residence) were truly invested in my success. My success was their success. Mentorship is so much more than calling someone for guidance once in a while. It’s a long-term, scheduled investment with deliverables on both sides. My EiRs from the DMZ, even after graduating, are still valuable resources to this day.


There is this unique culture of sharing at the DMZ. Everyone appreciates the challenge of being a founder and is genuinely aligned with the prerequisites of success. The DMZ is a microcosm of tech Toronto and being part of that is exceedingly valuable.


I am gratified that we grew as much as we have — we reached a milestone of placing over $200 million in investment capital by the end of last year. The DMZ fuelled my personal potential not only to set a path for growth but to bring together the many resources to implement the way forward.

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