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LiveGauge is the market leader in providing automated sponsorship ROI measurement for brands and agencies.

7+ countries
130+ customers

LiveGauge provides a platform for businesses to collect, analyze and manage customer feedback and data in real time.

Unlike digital platforms where everything is easily tracked, it’s difficult to truly gauge how successful a sponsorship program really is in the real world.

Enter: LiveGauge, which has discovered a way to track not only key metrics that can make or break a successful sponsorship, but provide that insight to its customers with the level of detail and convenience that online marketers are fortunate to have. Through its solution LiveGauge can provide to clients an accurate, on-demand measurement of how many people are exposed to their sponsorship, how many people engage with the sponsorship asset, and even how long they spend with that sponsorship activation.

Since leaving the DMZ LiveGauge has increased its market share, expanded its solution offerings, and now works with clients around the world in over seven countries.

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