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Digital health privacy compliance made easier.

About MedStack

MedStack’s privacy compliance automation solution addresses one of healthcare’s biggest challenges: adopting digital health solutions while ensuring patient data privacy and security. Their platform enables real-time manageable cloud hosting, policy monitoring, database management and supports the privacy rules that have long held healthcare digital applications from attaining widespread adoption.

DMZ Journey Timeline

dmz journey timeline

Why DMZ?

We sat down with Balaji Gopalan, the Co-Founder and CEO of MedStack, to reflect on how the DMZ helped bring his startup to the next level.

Product enhancements

We had traction when we came into the DMZ, but our customers told us they needed more flexibility and control in the product. The DMZ helped us to execute the redesign of our product, automating and segmenting what we needed to make it scalable. Things just skyrocketed from there.

Hiring support

At the DMZ, we learned what to look for in new hires for specific roles in our business. Our program leads even did interviews with us. We attribute a lot of our success to hiring the right people and the DMZ taught us how to do that.

Tailored programming

Programming at the DMZ is not lecture style. It’s tailored sessions for you and your team. We now know what processes to prioritize and what tools to use based on our business goals. That kind of tailored investment is unique to the DMZ.


We have been through a lot of different tech startup programs, in the U.S. and Canada. The DMZ is hands-down one that delivered some of the biggest impact for us. What makes an accelerator great is their network, and the DMZ knows how to leverage theirs to get startups exactly what they need to succeed. After we graduated from the DMZ, MedStack achieved new key commercial milestones, completed prestigious industry certifications, won the 2019 TELUS Outstanding Product Achievement Award for Mobility Health and increased our monthly recurring revenue by $30,000 USD. I can confidently say that we are where we are today in significant part because of our experience at the DMZ.

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