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Acquired by Berkeley Payments.

About Pungle

Pungle Technology powers Berkeley Payments, who manages over a billion dollars of business payments across the world. Businesses are still reliant on cheques, which are expensive and time-consuming on both ends. Berkeley Payment’s digital platform enables businesses to make secure and real-time payments to consumers, suppliers and employees.

DMZ Journey Timeline

dmz journey timeline

Why DMZ?

Braulio Lam, Co-Founder of Pungle Technology and CTO of Berkeley Payments, reflects on his experience at the DMZ and how it was essential to his business success.

Tailored advice

Our investor funding fell through for various reasons and we were running out of money. We received an acquisition deal from a Toronto-based payments company. Our DMZ EiRs (Entrepreneurs-in-Residence) looked it over and provided us with invaluable advice. Ultimately, we decided not to take it. Then, Berkeley Payments approached us with an acquisition deal. Our EiRs walked us through all our options and we decided to take Berkeley’s deal. The DMZ really could have pushed us to take that first deal. But instead, they gave us all the information and space we needed to make the right decision.

Sales and marketing

A lot of startups are really good at making the tech, just like we were. But that means nothing if you don’t know how to sell or market your product. The DMZ knows how to skyrocket your startup in ways you did not think possible.


We went through other incubator programs before the DMZ. They were unhealthily competitive and that pushed founders to make bad decisions. At the DMZ, it’s not just about getting results, but being a good founder. It’s the kind of environment where everyone is genuinely invested in each other's success.

Industry knowledge

A lot of tech startup accelerators and incubators are great in one industry, like fin-tech or cybersecurity. The DMZ fuels success and has experts in all industries. Whatever your industry or problem is, there is someone at the DMZ or within the network that has the right experience to help you succeed.

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