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Data-driven decisions for land acquisition.

About Ratio.City

Land acquisition and commercial city building data are both ever-changing and difficult to access. Ratio.City’s easy-to-use platform compiles all the necessary data sets you need to optimize your commercial building project and incorporates a 3D analysis mapping tool so users can source, analyze and validate sites, fast.

DMZ Journey Timeline

dmz journey timeline

Why DMZ?

We sat down with Monika Jaroszonek, the CEO and Co-Founder of Ratio.City, to reflect on how the DMZ helped contribute to her startup’s success.

A playbook for success

We still use everything we learned at the DMZ today because they gave us repeatable manuals and structures for everything. We have a playbook for sales, a toolset for leadership, an employee manual and a system in place that allows us to continuously scale faster. It would have taken us 3 to 4 times longer to get where we are without the DMZ.

On-call experts

The EiRs (Entrepreneurs in Residence) are amazing, they are like always having on-call senior executives that are experts in whatever you are trying to achieve. At the DMZ, you always have a soundboard for your ideas, big and small.

Personal growth

I knew nothing about sales or how to be the face of a company before the DMZ. I had to challenge myself to take on those skills. The environment at the DMZ is supportive, but at the same time will push you to take your personal best to the next level - to reach even further, higher and larger. If you come into the DMZ ready to learn, there is no cap on what you can achieve.


As a first-time woman founder, there were a lot of specific challenges to face at each stage of growing a company. But the DMZ gave me the confidence I needed to embody my role. There is no agenda at the DMZ—they just give you what you need to be the best you can be on your terms.

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