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Super - the intersection of fintech and mobile commerce.

About Super

Super is a message-driven mobile commerce platform that connects price-conscious consumers to the best promotions on mobile. Instead of shopping around to compare prices, try coupon codes and browse for a sale, Super makes finding the right item–at the right price–as through the intersection of fintech and mobile commerce. Super is on track to cross over $1 billion dollars in total mobile sales in 2022 with an integrated offering in the travel, ecommerce and payments verticals. Super was co-founded by serial entrepreneur Hussein Fazal and former Google engineer Henry Shi.

DMZ Journey Timeline

dmz journey timeline

Why the DMZ?

We sat down with Henry Shi, Super’s Co-Founder, to discuss how he thinks founders can benefit from the DMZ’s programs. Today, Henry is part of the DMZ’s Alumni-in-Residence (AiR) program, where he offers advice and mentorship to our current startups.

A place to call home

“In the early days, we spent a whole summer at the DMZ and it provided us with a place to grow. Not only did we expand our team from 3 people to 7 people, we also built and launched our first product there. Although there’s been a shift to remote work over the past few years, having a ‘home’ and desk space at the DMZ can provide startups with a place to get their best work done–efficiently, effectively and with all the support they need, right at hand.”

Fundraising support

“Especially for first-time founders, fundraising can be a difficult undertaking. I’ve seen how the DMZ can help early stage startups as they navigate the world of fundraising. Why ‘go it alone’ when you can learn from other peoples’ successes and failures, get personalized support and mentorship along the way?”

Navigating government

“For founders who are looking to build relationships across various government bodies or agencies, the DMZ can help tremendously. They have existing contacts at various government organizations, they hold networking events with officials, and they have several advisors on hand who understand how the public sector operates.”

Fantastic events

“Speaking of events, the DMZ offers a wide range of events that founders can benefit from. Whether it’s to meet other entrepreneurs, learn about tactical topics like marketing, sales or accounting, or simply to expand your networks, I recommend DMZ members take advantage of these events and programs.”

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