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Zensurance is a digital-focused insurance startup that helps businesses find affordable products in real time.

40+ partners
$1.2M+ raised

Zensurance saves business owners a lot of time and delivers a policy that provides the right type of insurance coverage.

Since launching in 2015 award-winning digital upstart, Zensurance has helped push the traditional insurance sector into the twenty-first century by providing businesses with better ways to find the services they need.

The company, founded by Sultan Mehrabi and Danish Yusuf, has quickly become a leader in the Canadian insurance industry. Through its online platform, entrepreneurs can secure insurance quotes from today’s biggest lenders in seconds by filling out an online application form, which saves them time and money.

Meanwhile Zensurance’s proprietary technology platform incorporates the latest data from insurance providers from around the world to provide the most accurate data, which removes the potential for human error and has garnered the company industry-leading clients, like AIG, Aviva, MedStack and more.

In 2018 the startup signed influential partnerships with industry giants like the Retail Council of Canada and U.S. insurance firm Travelers Insurance, which also invested a sizeable amount in the company.

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