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SoapboxHQ - the best place to work in Canada - drives culture change and real business value from employees through an interactive and attractive platform.

20+ Team members
$5M+ Funding raised

A small group of committed individuals dedicated to increasing collective happiness by making tools that empower communities to set and achieve goals.
SoapBox is the first Employee Engagement app built for managers, not HR teams. SoapBox believes the key to improving employee engagement at work is by giving direct managers the tools they need to manage the most important conversations they are having on a regular basis: one-on-one meetings, team meetings, and topical discussions, like town halls, project retrospectives, and brainstorming sessions.

Inspired after an evening brainstorming session with his Toronto Metropolitan University classmates, 19-year-old Brennan McEachran sent an email message at 1 a.m. to Toronto Metropolitan University president, Sheldon Levy, suggesting a way to deliver its services more efficiently to its students. With the President’s hearty encouragement, McEachran spent the next two years turning his idea into a business. Now called SoapBox Innovations Inc., the company provides software not only to Ryerson but to some of the most successful companies in Canada and the world, including Indigo Books & Music, Coca-Cola and BHP Billiton to name a few.

The software enables an organization’s leaders, managers, and employees to collaborate and share ideas and feedback where they already are, whether that’s in slack, microsoft-teams, google calendar or in their standalone app. SoapBox has led to improvements in procedures and practices within SoapBox customer organizations that have saved money, increased revenue and contributed to employee and customer satisfaction. Since McEachran’s flash of inspiration in 2010, SoapBox has expanded to a 50-person operation and raised more than $5 million in financing.

In 2015, about a year after he graduated from Ryerson, McEachran was named Ontario’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year. The startup was also awarded the top prize by ‘Great Place to Work’ in its first-ever Small Business Category in April of 2016.

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