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Two startup community champions you should know


Meet the entrepreneurs making a difference in underserved communities through tech

Helping those in need is no easy feat for Canada’s gamechangers. Across the country, a network of organizations and partners work hard to make a difference in underserved communities.

In recent years, a better understanding about how crucial social services are and the unique role they play has made their job even more important. And, while some believe new technology is helping exacerbate inequality, a new generation of entrepreneurs are using it to make a difference in their own backyard. Meet two Canadian entrepreneurs working hard to help Canadians from coast to coast in innovative ways.

Janelle Hinds

Founder of HelpingHands, an application that matches students with volunteer opportunities in their community.

Janelle Hinds is on a mission to boost community engagement in Canada, especially in diverse communities. The app, recently awarded $210,000 by Ontario Trillium Foundation, comes a crucial time in the country since volunteering rates across the country are on the decline. Through it, students are matched with unique volunteer experiences based on their skills. Meanwhile, it also acts as a platform for students to showcase work to future employees and find organizations in their area.

Nadia Hamilton

Founder of Magnusmode, a digital platform that supports Canadians with cognitive special needs.

The company’s digital cards help break down everyday tasks into manageable steps and come complete with instructions. Each card features unique pictures and instructions to help individuals in their day-to-day life. As a result, users learn everything from how to go shopping to personal hygiene.

“What started with my brother as a spark has become something that literally I could not have imagined,” Hamilton said. “We have users from all over the world who are signing on.” Hamilton told The Record