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DMZ’s holiday gift guide: 8 unique ideas you haven’t thought of yet


Still working through your holiday shopping list? Stuck on deciding what to give your loved ones this holiday season? We’ve rounded up a collection of one-of-a-kind gifts for every person on your list. 

Here are 8 unique gift ideas you probably haven’t thought of yet.

For the interior design enthusiast

Daakor portfolio. Image of a living room
Give the gift of interior design and help someone experience the luxury of having their space professionally designed. 

Daakor’s experts in interior design are passionate about helping clients turn their visions for their home into a reality. From start to finish, Daakor’s interior design is personalized to your tastes, time and budget. 

Give a Daakor Design Plan to help your loved one take out the hassle of furnishing their home and help them create a space that looks and feels like a sanctuary.

For the foodie or dinner party host

From deluxe charcuterie baskets filled with gourmet goodies to smaller baskets filled with sweet and savoury snacks, FreshSpoke has curated delicious gift baskets at a variety of price points. 

Best of all, FreshSpoke’s products are all made locally, so you can spread joy while supporting farmers and food artisans. These gift options are wonderful corporate gifting ideas but also great for friends and family. Gift cards are also available in any denomination.


For the news buff

If you have that friend or family member who is constantly keeping tabs on the news, gets sucked into polarized politics or is an avid follower of conspiracy theories, the Ground News Premium plan is for them.

Ground News has tools that enable you to objectively see the political coverage bias of any story on the internet, and easily access a myriad of different perspectives on that very same story. 

Ground News is unveiling its new and most comprehensive package, the Premium plan. With the Premium plan, you or your loved ones can identify bias in the news (whether you read it in-app, online or on your Twitter feed) and get a balanced all-sides view of the news.

For the content creator or music lover

staats product
Staats makes personalized Spotify and Apple Music song plaques and Creator Awards – perfect gifts for music lovers, budding content creators, and loved ones.

The company’s journey started on the App Store building a custom trading card maker, and along the way they developed some amazing products to share with the world. These gifts have become viral trends! Today, in the Staats app, users can customize these items and purchase them, but the company also sells them separately on Etsy.



The gift that gives back

Rumie is changing lives just 10 minutes at a time. One in six young people are unemployed as a result of COVID-19. Rumie aims to replace the time youth spend on social media each day with an engaging learning platform that delivers transferable life and career skills. 

This holiday season, donate on behalf of a friend, colleague, or family and give a gift to a whole world of young learners. A donation will contribute to Rumie’s 2021 goals: Create 250 Bytes, fill 1 million jobs, and reach 1 million youth. 

For the sentimental friend

video collage
When people receive a surprise group video gift, they universally love it, and are often drawn to tears. However, there’s a lot of effort and technical skills involved to create one.

Celebrate makes it easy for anyone to create, collect and share a group video. The app guides the users through the entire process, giving them easy-to-use editing tools, avoiding much of the complexity of full-featured general purpose editing apps.

Key features of Celebrate include an invitation wizard guiding users to create a compelling request that includes video, text, suggested topics, and due date, and an Editing Suite to add text, music, GIFs, cards, pictures and do basic editing.

For the homeowner
person shovelling

Think Uber, but for snow removal! LocalStudent is an online platform that connects customers to students that can help with various services, changing the way that students find work. 

This winter, LocalStudent is offering on-demand snow removal. Support students looking for work while giving your loved one the ability to sleep in and skip shovelling the driveway on cold winter mornings.

Buy a gift card or get a free quote today at


For the best (worst!) dressed

Want an effortless way to get a man a perfect gift? Get him a
gift card. Mannr is a luxury personal styling and delivery service for men. Mannr allows users to conveniently shop with the help of a dedicated professional stylist and get personalized options available from any brand.

This holiday season, Mannr’s has an exclusive offer for gift cards: buy a $300 gift card and get $350 worth of services, or buy a $500 gift card and get $600 worth of services.

Are you a DMZ member with a product that makes a great holiday gift? Let us know and we’ll add you to our gift guide.