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SoapBox cofounder on his mission to reinvent the workplace


What to do to motivate your employees

In the TV show The Office a film crew records the fictional lives of employees working in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

While it mostly lampooned the hilarious circumstances the TV characters found themselves in, it also unintentionally highlighted just how inefficient traditional workplaces are.

Thankfully as technology improves the hijinks found in The Office will soon become a thing of the past.

The workplace of the future

Brennan McEachran, co-founder of employee engagement platform Soapbox, is one of today’s  new-age entrepreneurs working to transform the Canadian workplace. The company’s online application lets employees easily communicate and pitch ideas to management and their peers anytime, anywhere. Executives can then track how ideas progress and provide better feedback all with the touch of a button. The app breaks down barriers and boosts engagement with workers at all levels of a company.

“Engagement and work are not different. Create processes and habits within organization where collisions happen between people,” @i_am_brennan of @SoapBoxHQ

Companies that learn how to interact with their workers — especially millennials who have now surpassed baby boomers as the largest generation in the workforce — end up boosting their company’s bottom line, he explains.

Gallup researchers also agree. A report from the award-winning marketing company found engaged employees “nearly doubled their odds of success” and that companies with “engaged workforces have higher earnings per share, and recovered from the recession at a faster rate.”

In today’s fast-paced economy companies face competition from not only homegrown businesses, but from entrepreneurs around the globe. An engaged workforce can be the secret weapon that can make all the difference.

To hear how McEachran keeps his staff engaged and to find out what the workplace of the future will look like listen to the podcast. To hear more episodes from BusinessCast, hosted by Robert Gold, make sure to visit our official iTunes page.