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How to incubate creativity


Using a person’s brainwaves to find the perfect music to induce a state of zen. “The Three Musketeers” made into a queer, feminist web-series. An analytics platform that utilizes an array of data points to find soon-to-be famous artists.

These are just some of the success stories to come out of Ryerson’s Transmedia Zone, an industry-leading storytelling incubator that helps artists become entrepreneurs.

But how, exactly, do you incubate creativity? Can business and art truly come together in a cohesive manner?

To find out, BusinessCast host and managing partner at Bennett Gold LLP, Robert Gold, sits down with Emilia Zboralska, interim director of the Transmedia Zone and academic specialist in the Canadian media landscape.

“We encourage people to fail fast” says Zboralska, explaining how the Transmedia zone pushes its team to adopt a rapid validation cycle so they’re never stuck on an idea that isn’t viable.

Canada is at the precipice of “the next industrial revolution in media” says Zboralska as traditional media platforms are slowly losing audiences to newer platforms.

In this episode, Zboralska shares some of the exciting ways the Transmedia Zone is disrupting the Canadian media landscape and what’s next in the realm of storytelling, both online and in the real world.

For anyone wondering how a creative idea can become a practical business, this edition of BusinessCast powered by The DMZ is just for you.