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Innovation in education: Why Canada needs it now more than ever


Global Entrepreneurship Week is the largest celebration of innovators and job creators, aiming to raise global awareness about the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur.

From small towns to big cities, entrepreneurs all over the world are creating an economic and social impact that continues to improve the livelihood of millions. How so? Small street vendors in Bangladesh are introducing mobile payment and microfinancing into their businesses. Right here in Ontario, we’ve reached our highest level of women entrepreneurs and a much more equal distribution of startup founders across age and income groups.

With entrepreneurship becoming more opportunity-motivated, people around the world are finding ways to create, build and share their innovative ideas. If this is turning into our new normal, are we doing enough to make sure that our youth are equipped with entrepreneurial skills at a post-secondary, high school or even elementary school level that reflect the needs of our modernized job market? A key piece to our future generation’s success is missing from the majority of our K-12 classrooms – entrepreneurial and innovative education. It’s never too early to encourage youth to think with an entrepreneurial mindset. And in order to drive change to the curriculum, it takes key players, from government to school boards to private sector to veteran entrepreneurs to get involved. This is what my next piece in the Huffington Post delves into. Read about next piece in the Huffington Post.