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A new ground for collaboration between Canada and Japan

Landing Pad Tokyo goes above and beyond your average business incubator. It’s a globally-connected hub that is accelerating the capabilities of Japan’s top innovators and helping companies lead digital transformation in the manufacturing sector.

Landing Pad Tokyo adopts the DMZ’s Founders First mentality and aims to bring a new culture of innovation to the Japanese business landscape. Leveraging DMZ’s expertise in entrepreneurship development and incubator operations, Landing Pad Tokyo places Japanese SMEs in the same state-of-the-art program that has helped hundreds of DMZ-born startups evolve into world-class enterprises.

Upon joining this niche industry hub, Japanese company founders receive full-time access to coaching, workshops, and mentors to help SMEs digitize operations and build world-leading technologies. SMEs tap into the Landing Pad Tokyo’s global manufacturing network and can utilize connections with industry, government, academia and fnancial institutions to scale business internationally.

Benefits for Japanese companies

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Enjoy a fully furnished space designed with amenities with your startups needs and growth in mind

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Join a community that puts founders first with access to coaching, customers, community and capital

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Get access to international B2B matchmaking opportunities

Benefits for Canadian companies

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Collaborate with Japanese companies to accelerate innovation in both Japan and Canada

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Expand your business to the Asian market by tapping into customers in Japan

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Get access to programming from industry leaders in Tokyo

Who is this for? Startups who have:

  • A technology or manufacturing solution to a defned problem
  • Minimum viable product and customer validation
  • A coachable and collaborative team
  • One founder working full-time for the company
  • General startup liability insurance
  • Willingness to work and conduct business from Japan

Founding Partners

More than just a home for entrepreneurs, the DMZ positively impacts the world by preparing the top tech startups for global expansion, which enables them to foster more made-in-Canada jobs and build technologies that change lives. Since 2010, DMZ has helped 476 startups raise over $900 million and foster over 4,100 jobs.

Landing Pad Tokyo (LPT) is an incubator/ accelerator for Japanese SMEs that brings a new culture of innovation to Japan. LPT introduces innovative state-of-art technologies and creative expertise mainly from Canada to accelerate developing management capabilities and R&D/ operational capabilities of Japanese manufacturing SMEs.

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