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Adam Rivietz

Adam Rivietz

CSO & Co-Founder, #paid

About Adam Rivietz

Areas of Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Sales Development, Prospecting Tips, General Growth Support

Adam Rivietz is a serial entrepreneur who started his first business at 16 years old. He whole-heartedly believes that there is no one better to bet on than yourself. Adam regularly speaks at high schools, colleges, and other conferences to share his story and inspire others to take action. Adam’s first venture was in high school, hosting prom parties for graduating classes across the GTA. He briefly attended Western University before dropping out to start Entourage Apps. In 1 year, Adam and his team developed 20+ iPhone apps, all of which ranked in the top 200 of their respective categories. Adam has shown a knack for spotting trends and capitalizing on them. His passion for communication led him to become the Co-Founder #paid, the world’s first creator marketing platform. At #paid, Adam typically spends 150+ days on the road speaking to marketers at SMBs and Fortune 1000s. He educates them about the benefits of creator marketing and the future of the industry. In 2021, Adam was awarded Masterclassing’s Digital Expert of the Year and Forbes 30 Under 30. You’ll typically see him wearing his #sweater and a big a smile 🙂