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Charlotte Gummesson

Charlotte Gummesson

President & Co-Founder, iRestify

About Charlotte Gummesson

Areas of Expertise: HR, Hiring, Operations and Operational Logistics, Client Success and Retention, Sales

Charlotte Gummesson is the President and Co-Founder of iRestify, a rapidly expanding Real Estate Technology (PropTech) company with a vision to simplify and transform the way people connect, work and communicate in the property management space through digital and human experience.

Prior to starting iRestify, Charlotte ran the Canadian division for 17 years at the largest contact centre in the world.

With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Gummesson has witnessed firsthand how crucial it is for businesses to evolve with the technological landscape to stay ahead of the competition. Through her leadership, iRestify’s transformative solution for property maintenance is quickly being adopted by many of the largest property management brands across North America.

With Charlotte’s experience in operations, quality assurance, client success, HR and many other facets of starting and running a business, she is equipped to help new startups in many different aspects.