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Joshua Landy

Joshua Landy

Co-Founder, Figure 1

About Joshua Landy

Areas of Expertise: Pitch Strategy, Product Development, Marketing, Professional Communications

Meet Josh Landy, a business advisor whose commitment to innovation is motivated by curiosity and creativity. With a natural flair for exploring uncharted territories, he has garnered a well-deserved reputation for generating ideas that generally make people say things like, “I never thought of that before.”

What sets Josh apart is his genuine passion for learning new things, coupled with an unwavering dedication to critical thinking. As a practicing critical care physician, Josh embarked on a journey to transform the healthcare landscape by co-founding Figure 1, a fast-growing medical technology startup that has connected millions of healthcare professionals in 190 countries. Josh is the CEO of Placebex, an ambitious pharmaceutical company that ventures boldly into the unexplored realm of open-label placebo research.

His collaborative approach as a business advisor empowers you to embrace the spirit of innovation, tapping potential to set you on the path to success.