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Long Nguyen

Long Nguyen

Co-Founder, Health Myself

About Long Nguyen

Areas of Expertise: Healthtech, Manufacturing, B2B2C Strategy, Operations

A crusader committed to improving healthcare access by developing patient-centric technology. Co-founder of Health Myself, a company that improves service, integrity, and compassion between patients, caregivers and their healthcare providers. Long is proud to have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who interact with the software platform.

Long’s entrepreneurial spirit was ignited during his transformative experience as an IT Manager at Bericap, a leading global plastics manufacturing company. He had the foresight to find and execute technological solutions that allowed executives to make smart and confident decisions that ultimately benefited the company.

It was a serendipitous experience that helped Long identify a need for individuals to better manage their well-being and their interactions with the healthcare system.

As a result, Long successfully pursued a path of leadership in healthcare where he could make the most impact. Often an uphill battle, he possesses the grit, vision and empathy required to drive change in the healthcare industry.