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Samer Abughannam

Samer Abughannam

Founder & CEO

About Samer Abughannam

Specialties: Strategy, User Discovery, Team, Culture

Samer is the Founder & CEO at Layla, where his vision is to create a human-first, tech-powered mental health service, built on quality, patient-centricity, and innovation. Before Layla, he was Vice President focused on healthcare investing at Persistence Capital Partners and Senior Manager at MaRS Centre for Impact Investing.

Samer has acted as an Adviser to the CEO/CFO of the Heart & Stroke Foundation, and currently is Vice Chair of the Board of UNITY Charity and Chair of the Programs and Evaluations Committee.

He completed a Bachelor of Engineering from McGill and a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard.

As a teenager, he played the bagpipes, and a little basketball. Today, he enjoys watching the latter.