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Being a leader today – fast, furious and sometimes uncomfortable

Off the Record

Being a leader in a fast-moving, ever-changing industry requires constant evolution to make sure your service or product stays ahead of the curve.

In order to help your organization grow, it’s important to be uncomfortable heading the charge for change, which might make your team feel uncertain and uncomfortable.

Below are six things every leader should do to become a more agile leader.

  • Erase your comfort zone: One of the responsibilities of a leader is to try new things by creating new abilities for your team and organization. Be ready to switch gears in order to stay competitive.
  • Think fast and move quickly: Some decisions can’t wait for you to “sleep on it”. Know when to seize a moment because timing is everything.
  • Build confidence even when uncertain: in today’s world it’s about how fast you can adapt. Some of the most critical moments won’t give you all the answers before you need to make a decision – and that’s okay!
  • Lose the anxiety of failing – it helps no one: Don’t let the thought of something failing hold you back from making a necessary change in your organization. Holding back from a decision due to being scared to fail could keep you on the status quo.
  • The unpopular decision can sometimes be the right one to make: some decisions can be stressful for not only the leader, but the whole organization.
  • It’s important to go with your gut and make sure everything is done to support the direction you want to head towards.
  • Think Globally: We’re more connected than ever before – take advantage of that and understand the impact you can have on the global stage – this will only help you better create agility in your management approach.

The tech sector thrives on delving into the unknown. And some of your best opportunities and wins can come from the hardest decisions and biggest chances.

As a leader, It might make you feel uncomfortable to take a gamble with a team behind you. But with the right talent, a clear strategy and a hunger to succeed, the rewards of being an agile leader will continue to put your organization steps ahead of your competitors.