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How DMZ’s startups are carving out unique paths in the field of AI


Here’s how DMZ startups are reshaping the future of technology with their innovative AI solutions.

Nearly every day, the tech world serves us a new AI delicacy. Unlike the latest viral trends that flash before our eyes in what seems like a second, these AI treats don’t just come and go—they arrive, evolve, and continually leave us in awe of their capabilities.

AI is beyond a buzzword, it has real-life impact.

AI is rapidly changing the tech scene and evolving faster than we can sometimes keep track of. It’s not just a buzzword; it’s a powerful tool, promising to iron out wrinkles in processes and boost efficiency in the tools we use on a daily basis.
DMZ is home to a vast group of companies that are making their mark when it comes to revolutionizing the use of AI. Companies like Flowjin, Kaitongo,, and Loopify have become major driving forces behind modern technology. They’re not just changing the game, they’re inventing a whole new one.


Let’s start with Flowjin. Their AI tool acts as a personalized curator, transforming content into viral hits. Sheida Mirjahani, Co-founder and COO, highlighted how AI revolutionizes content creation, making workflows more efficient. “AI helps you ideate, write video scenarios, help with video editing, and suggest added effects like B-rolls, overall making editing content much easier,” explains Sheida. 

By cutting down editing time, and streamlining the content creation process, AI in this industry lets creators focus more on creativity. Flowjin effortlessly identifies top content segments, creating customizable clips, boosting engagement and broadening audience reach. It simplifies content creation, empowering users to produce digital content loved by social media algorithms.


Then there’s Kaitongo, an AI-powered client engagement platform helping client-facing professionals get tailored insights on how to grow their client and prospect relationships. 

“AI has powered solutions like Kaitongo to save countless hours on business development tasks like manual client outreach, thought leadership content, and discovering relevant market news to discuss with them,” says Sumathi Pundit, Founder and CEO of Kaitongo. The rapidly evolving field of AI is not static; instead of shying away from this uncertain terrain, Kaitongo chooses to embrace it and encourages other companies to do the same.

“One thing we can know for sure is that change is inevitable, and companies and organizations should actively pursue and adopt AI-driven solutions if they wish to remain relevant and competitive.”  Sumathi Pundit, Founder and CEO, Kaitongo

Moving from Kaitongo’s external engagement strategies, shifts the focus inward, using AI to streamline internal workflows and improve customer interactions.

We strive to deliver a human-like experience while strategically minimizing our use of generative AI, such as Gemini and ChatGPT,” says Iryna Andriushchenko Co-founder and CMO of, as she reveals the company’s aim is to provide a solution that is both economically and ecologically responsible.’s specialists support over 130 languages, streamlining communication and boosting efficiency. It’s clear that is taking advantage of all AI has to offer to improve customer and employee engagement across various industries.


On the horizon, we have Formaloo, a DMZ startup introducing an AI feature, Formaloo AI, to their thriving venture. This innovative leap includes AI-powered surveys designed to gather reliable and unbiased data from audiences, complemented by an AI-driven customer engagement platform for insightful analysis. “Formaloo AI is the next generation of the whole Formaloo platform,” says Farokh Shahabi, Co-Founder and CEO of

Additionally, Formaloo’s ‘No-code AI builder’ offers a user-friendly environment for creating and training AI agents using personal databases and spreadsheets. As they navigate this exciting new phase, Formaloo remains optimistic about the future of AI and its transformative potential.

“In the next few years, our industry will change dramatically as creative platforms and startups find the best way to leverage AI to automate tasks and procedures for their customers.”- Farokh Shahabi Co-Founder and CEO

Let’s not forget about, a platform that revolutionizes video creation by integrating AI to serve as an actor, voice-over artist, and video editor. Transforming the digital content landscape, makes high-quality video creation more accessible while providing a user-friendly platform.

“Creating videos at scale used to take days or even months.. With AI and AI-enabled SaaS tools, the video industry is witnessing a reduction in time and cost, in creating videos at scale.”- Ashwin Madhavan, Co-founder & CEO

Along with AI’s exciting capacity, there are some challenges when developing the perfect team to build and implement these tools into company products and services. “The biggest challenge was finding the right talent to build AI tools. It took us more than 18 months to find the right fit of people who could contribute to vidBoard. We regularly conducted hackathons to find the right talent and gave them a say in the running of the business,” says Ashwin.


Leasey.AI is another rising startup reshaping property management by automating tasks and reducing vacancy times. Founder Carlos Leal emphasizes the company’s AI-driven capability to process extensive data rapidly: “One of the key ways Leasey.AI is leveraging AI technologies to reshape the industry is through its ability to rapidly churn through vast amounts of data in a matter of seconds.” This enables real-time insights for critical activities like tenant selection and portfolio optimization.


Last but not least, Loopify: the matchmaker of marketing and sales, bringing businesses and customers together with AI-powered precision. “Generative AI is being used in almost every part of marketing, making tasks from planning to content creation much easier and more automated,” says John Alimi, Co-founder and CEO of Loopify. “This means companies and marketers can do more with less, saving time and money.” 

Tailored for startups, small businesses and organizations with limited budgets, Loopify provides affordable marketing solutions through expert-led advertising platforms and social media design services.

Embracing the AI revolution.

DMZ startups are eagerly embracing the challenges and opportunities of integrating AI into their products, demonstrating the grit and innovative spirits that exist within our incubator.

“AI is making our marketing tools better, quicker, and more economical, which means businesses using our platform can reach their customers more effectively and affordably.”- John Alimi, Co-founder and CEO of Loopify

These DMZ startups aren’t just riding the AI wave, they’re carving their own path through the digital landscape. Whether it’s sales, CRM platforms, content creation, or just making life a little easier, these companies are setting the bar higher every day.


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