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Students, here’s how to turn your summer break into a business-building opportunity

Startup 101

A blueprint for student entrepreneurs: Lisa Huh’s success story with Basecamp

Summer isn’t just for relaxation and afternoons by the pool; for ambitious student entrepreneurs, it’s the perfect time to transform an idea into a business. 

However, understanding where to start can be daunting without the proper guidance. Programs like DMZ’s Basecamp provide student entrepreneurs with the roadmap, tools and skills to navigate this exciting journey.

But don’t take it from us. We sat down with Lisa Huh, a Basecamp alumni and Founder of PocketClass, to learn how Basecamp helped her business gain some serious momentum —like onboarding 40 new clients and awarding her a $5,000 grant prize.

Check out her key takeaways from the program for a taste of what you’ll learn at Basecamp this summer. 

Perfect your pitch.

“Storytelling isn’t just an art. It’s a strategic asset,” Lisa discovered during her stint at Basecamp. She learned to craft a compelling startup pitch that not only communicated the core of her business idea but did so in an engaging way. Perfecting your pitch allows you to effectively communicate with your audience what makes your product unique and how it solves a problem.

Lisa developed skills in building pitch decks, effectively presenting her business, and responding dynamically to questions—skills she believes are never taught in traditional classrooms.

Build a network. 

“One of the most considerable challenges student entrepreneurs face is understanding how to access the ecosystem,” Lisa explained. Understanding a network’s role in building a business was one of her biggest takeaways from the program.This network was vital for Lisa personally and professionally, helping her connect with mentors and peers who were instrumental even beyond her time at Basecamp. 

“Accessing the right ecosystem is crucial,” Lisa noted. Through Basecamp, she gained a foundational support system to grow her business. More importantly, it gave her a vibrant network of founders and experts who offered advice and honest insights.

This network was vital for Lisa personally and professionally, helping her connect with mentors and peers who were instrumental even beyond her time at Basecamp. 

Master mentorship. 

Engaging with entrepreneurs and mentors who’ve been in your shoes accelerates success,  and DMZ’s Basecamp connects student entrepreneurs with industry leaders.

Lisa connected with founders building similar marketplace businesses, gaining direct insights into overcoming her exact business challenges. “When I had issues with customer outreach, I could turn to mentors who had faced similar hurdles, and they offered me tangible advice on how to perfect my emails,” she shared. Plus, mentors who helped Lisa with nailing customer outreach played a pivotal role in introducing her to many of her clients today.

Students, don’t miss your chance. 

This year, we’ve decided to raise the bar and introduce Basecamp Sprint, a high-velocity 4-week program for university students to pitch at Collision 2024 and win a trip to New York City. 

We’ll then head into Basecamp Voyage, an 8-week deep-dive program for high school and university students emphasizing ideation, development, and a culminating pitch competition for $50,000 in grants. 

Ready to be catapulted into the tech world this summer? Learn more about  Basecamp Sprint and Voyage at and apply today.